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"Giving is not just about making a donation.

It's about making a difference."


This year, Food For Thought will provide healing nutrition and compassion to more than 2000 people living with serious illnesses in Sonoma County.


We supply more than 500,000 meals per year at no charge to qualified clients who are at risk of malnutrition. Our services eliminate food insecurity, reduce hospital visits and medical expenses, and improve our clients’ health and quality of life.



Since our founding in 1988, Food For Thought has been a volunteer-based organization. Today some 500 volunteers selflessly give their time and energy to make sure their seriously ill neighbors in Sonoma County consistently receive fresh, healthy food.

Read our Fundraising Tips Sheet and then start your own Facebook fundraiser in 3 EASY STEPS. You’ll have access to a custom, shareable page where you can tell your story and collect donations for Food For Thought. You’ll also receive notifications each time someone donates so you can keep track of gifts and thank your family and friends!

Help this year with our virtual food drive. Click this link and shop online. All grocery items will go to supply our families in need.

Every day we empower athletes to shatter stereotypes and exceed their personal bests on the playing field and in life. 

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Every week Food For Thought volunteers stock paper bags with food items that don't require refrigeration or cooking and come in easy-to-open containers or pop-top cans.

To streamline distribution, we’ve partnered with local agencies who work directly with people who are homeless. Because these organizations distribute the food bags on-site at their clinics and offices, food recipients can also receive healthcare and other services when they pick up a Bag of Love.

Each bag’s caloric value is equivalent to 12 meals. Food items include:

• crackers

• peanut butter

• fruit cocktail

• canned chili

• cup of soup

• canned chicken

Healthcare and social service partners currently participating in the Bags of Love program include:

• West County Health Center: HIV and homeless programs

• Santa Rosa Community Health: HIV and homeless programs

• Face to Face

• Alliance Medical Center


For information on our Bags of Love program, contact Nina Redman, Client Services Director, at 707-887-1647 x119 or

Thank you
for supporting Food for Thought

Content by Tom Lois Santa Rosa Realtor

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