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Peggy B - Seller

This is not hyperbole. Tom and Izetta, with Tom in the lead, delivered results far beyond expectations--not my expectations of them, but of what the home sale process in general was going to be, in part by hearing from other buyers and sellers and Realtors who auditioned for the assignment. From the very first meeting, and why I chose Tom and Izetta to handle the sale of my home, was conveyed in my first impression and borne out throughout the course of the listing, sale, closing, transfer and move out process----they listen closely. They know what works, but are mindful to tailor to the client's specifics. Their support of my objectives was freely given, timely and continues to this day, helping with a few minor transition loose ends after timely completion of my home sale. Their marketing approach was comprehensive and I was listened to for specifics that could be an aid in positioning my home to optimize interest and the potential for solid offers. That said, based on my experience, should a seller need a Realtor who does it all with little bother to the seller, they can. Each step of the process was detailed as it approached, my questions answered and needs addressed. Of great benefit is the depth of their experience. Other Realtors know them deeply and that they deliver offerings and information that are solid. Reputation is the X factor. I am not sure sometimes if Tom ever sleeps. He was there to respond by phone, email, text or in person so quickly. Izetta's wise counsel and deep relationships were felt at every step. Tom was also patient and understanding when called for and I now consider him a friend. Izetta I came to know of through a good friend who had worked with her in the past and I am so grateful for his suggestion I speak to them. He simply said Izetta is the best. This was borne out. Lastly, there is no ambiguity that when they are representing a seller, it is the best interests of the seller that is their guiding star --this is not always the case.

Content by Tom Lois Santa Rosa Realtor

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